Welcome to Sportsfield horses. We are well established busy yard based in Ireland focusing on the procurement, producing and selling of quality horses for all levels.

The “Sportsfield” prefix has become well known throughout the equestrian world for the quality of our stock.

We supply many countries including the Untied states, Canada, Great Britain, China and most recently Israel,  and also our home market with the finest quality horses,  some of which have gone on to compete as high as Olympic level for their new proud owners.

Although our main focus is on producing and the sale for the eventing circuit we also have extensive experience in sourcing horses for various other disciplines, Hunters, Show jumpers, Ponies, Riding club as an example.

All our horses are carefully selected and brought on to maximize their potential.

With over 20 years experience, we will work with you to find the horse that is most suited to your needs and budget, offering you the best chance at success in your chosen field.

Looking forward to being of assistance to you.

Paul Donovan


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